ID Presenter Title Type Country
4 Hajrulla Hajrullai Influencing factors on further development of bilingual education Macedonia Poster Macedonia
14 Özmen Altan What is on your mind? Poster Turkey
16 Elizabeth Arias Vocabulary protocol for long-term retention Oral United States
19 Enisa Mede,
Ozlem Kararırmak
The predictor roles of speaking anxiety and English self-efficacy on foreign language speaking anxiety among undergraduate students Oral Turkey
20 Seher Balbay,
Selcan Kilis
Students' Perceptions of the use of a YouTube channel specifically designed for an Academic Presentations Skills Course Oral Turkey
21 Yeliz Yazıcı Movioke in Language Learning Classes Oral Turkey
22 Noureddine Azmi The impact of ICT-enabled English language instruction on students’ learning achievement Oral Morocco
25 Nuray Alagozlu Metalinguistic knowledge and metacognitive awareness in foreign language teacher education Oral Turkey
26 Seher Balbay, Selcan Kilis Instructors' perceptions of the use of a course-specific YouTube channel when teaching academic presentation skills Oral Turkey
27 Abdulwahid Qasem Al Zumor CLIL in Saudi higher education: A linguistic shift from AMI to EMI Oral Saudi Arabia
30 Leila Naami Teachers’ feedback in task-based instruction group vs traditional instruction group Poster Islamic Republic Of Iran
31 Suzan Kavanoz, Sarin Akbaş EFL teachers’ conceptualizations and instructional practices of critical thinking Oral Turkey
32 Sirhajwan Idek Create & connect- integrating media literacy into English language teaching Oral Malaysia
34 Janet Enever Taking stock of global primary ELT: A meeting of international relations theory with applied linguistics? Oral Sweden
37 Senem Cellat The effect of node words and synonmy on learning adjective-noun collocations Oral Turkey
38 Dimitros Primalis Critical and creative thinking skills empowered by learning technology Workshop Greece
39 Zuleyha Unlu, Erkan Kulekci Combining theory and practice: towards teachers’ expertise Oral Turkey
40 Mehmet Durmaz, Nur Yiğitoğlu Being another or the other: Issues and challenges in the professional identity development of alternatively-certified English language teachers (in an EFL context) Oral Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Boğaziçi University
42 Sarvenaz Hatami The Impact of Learner-related Variables on Second Language Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition through Listening Oral United States
43 Mustapha Zanzoun Can Critical Thinking be taught? Workshop Morocco
45 Yusef Moosavi Iranian Students attitudes' towards using Technology in their EFL language classroom Oral Islamic Republic Of Iran
46 Nihal Göy An action research on the development of self-regulated writing strategies of Turkish EFL students Oral Turkey
49 Alexandra Khvan Primary Teachers’ Perceptions about Teaching Content Subjects through the Foreign Language: Study of British International School in Kazakhstan Oral Kazakhstan
52 Evelina Jaleniauskiene EFL students’ attitudes towards learning English in the problem-solving context Oral Lithuania
53 Cennet Altıner Willingness to Communicate in Turkish English-as-a-foreign-language (EFL) Classroom Context Oral Turkey
54 Aynur Kesen Mutlu, Yonca Ozkan Cultural Considerations in English Language Teaching Oral Turkey
55 Aynur Kesen Mutlu, Yesim Kesli Dollar Intercultural competence through the eyes of Tırkish university students Oral Turkey
56 Ayten Kayacan, Salim Razi Digital self and peer feedback in EFL writing at a Turkish high school Oral Turkey
57 Anne Wiseman Only time will tell: the long term impact of professional development programmes on teachers’ lives Oral United Kingdom
59 Karima Laadjel The effects of ICTs in developing the academic writing skill Poster  Algeria
61 Messaouda Ladjini Bringing Creativity to the Speaking Class using Novels Oral Algeria
62 Messaouda Ladjini The Place of Translation as a Teaching/LearningStrategy in EFL Classes: Translation Reconsidered Workshop Algeria
63 Aboubakr Hamoudi Does Socio-pragmatic Competence Play a Facilitating Role in Improving EFL Learner’s Intercultural Communication? Oral Algeria
65 Geraint Brown Authenticity of writing: Triangulating IELTS Academic Task 2, EAP pre-sessional and Masters' tasks Oral United Kingdom
67 Tayyebe Sadeghi Relationship between Learners' Level of Education and Using Politeness Strategies in Classroom Interactions Oral Islamic Republic Of Iran
68 Özgür Şahan, Salim RAZI Investigating rater cognition: How do teachers think while assessing writing? Oral Turkey
73 Akbar Azizifar Investigating the Effects of Reading Instructions on Improving Business Text Comprehension among Iranian Employees of Melli Bank Oral Iran, Islamic Republic Of
75 Arda Arikan The Most and Least Beneficial Activities Offered in Primary School English Language Coursebooks Oral Turkey
82 Meryem Aherrahrou The challenges of Oral Communication among Moroccan Postgraduate Students of Moulay Ismail University Oral Morocco
85 Bahar Hasirci, Gulcin Cosgun

Investigating the perceived factors affecting students’ level of english proficiency during their studies in a university with english-medium instruction: a phenomenological study

Oral Turkey
86 Yasemin Arşın Using Integrated Tasks in Assessing Academic Writing Skills Workshop Turkey
87 Gulcin Cosgun, Bahar Hasirci The impact of English medium instruction (EMI) on students’ language abilities Oral Turkey
89 Jaeuk Park Multimodality as an Interactional Resource for Classroom Interactional Competence Oral United Kingdom
93 Bouyakoub Naima

The esp teaching and learning situation in the Algerian universities with reference to psychology students at tlemcen university

Oral Algeria
95 Ahmad Mahmoud Atawneh and Wafa abu Zeini Associations and Culture Virtual Palestine
96 İsmail Hakki Erten, Arzu Kanat-Mutluoglu "Public speaking is like a roll-neck jumper, suffocates if not prepared" Oral Turkey
97 Selen Ramos The impact of speaking component of an institutional test on bilingual students’ anxiety level Oral Turkey
98 Funda Ölmez, Dilara Somuncu Through the student teachers' lenses: Sources of anxiety while speaking publicly Oral Turkey
99 Aïché BA The "Triangle of exchange" Oral Mali
100 Ekrem Solak Examining the Dutch English Language Teacher Training Programs as a High-performing Education System Oral Turkey
103 Kadriye Aytaç Usage of Speech Like Expressions in Students' Written Works Oral Turkey
105 Özge Özden Including Communicative Language Teaching in the Classroom Oral Turkey
107 Öznur Semiz, Özlem Salman The Factors Determining the Motivation to Participate in Erasmus Program for Turkish EFL Students Oral Turkey
110 Adel Dastgoshadeh, Kaveh Jalilzadeh An Investigation into Language Identity of Iranian EFL Teachers Oral Iran, Islamic Republic Of
111 Şeyda Selen Çimen, Ayşegül Daloğlu Dealing with in-class challenges: Pre-service english teacher Cognitions Oral Turkey
112 Kitty Purgason Multi-level activities with proverbs Workshop United States
113 Fatma Tanrıverdi-Köksal, Ayşegül Daloğlu Explicit Instruction of Paragraph Writing to Practice the Writing Strategy of Organizing Ideas Oral Turkey
114 Hyun Kyung Miki Bong, Bohyon Chung A Study on Perception of Korean-Accented English Oral Japan, South Korea
115 Zehra ÖZKAHYA Exploring the Effects of Gender and Proficiency Levels on Turkish EFL Learners’ Beliefs about Language Learning: A Cross-sectional Study Oral Turkey
117 Sabriye Şener, Derya Bostan

Using posters in efl classroom: an elementary school case

Oral Turkey
120 Mustafa Çoban The Use of Hedging Devices in Spoken Discourse by Turkish University Students Oral Turkey
122 Elif Taşkın Vocabulary Explanations in Meaning and Fluency Contexts: A Conversation Analysis Perspective Oral Turkey
123 Şeyma Aktaş, Recep Şahin Arslan An Evaluation of Oral Communication Strategy Training Oral Turkey
124 Özge Aksoy, Zekiye Müge Tavil Translation of Culture-Specific Items in Media Website Texts: A Study on Tendencies Towards Constitution or Substitution Oral Turkey
125 Özge Aksoy, Zekiye Müge Tavil Direction Effects of Translational Norms on the Translations of Website Articles Oral Turkey
128 Aybüke Demet Ören, Ali Öztüfekçi, Ahmet Cihat Kapçık, Ayten Kaplan, Çiğdem Yılmaz Uzunkaya Building Awareness of World Englishes among University Preparatory Students Oral Turkey
129 Ramazan Yetkin Research into pronunciation learning strategies of pre-service English teachers Oral Turkey
130 Natalia Aleksandrovna Komisarenko

Creative approaches and methods in english language teaching: a practical view

Poster  Ukraine
133 Kübra Örsdemi̇r

The effectiveness of implicit and explicit cognitive processing in incidental vocabulary acquisition

Oral Turkey
134 Erkan Yüce Designing a Writing Examination Based on the CEFR Principles at Waystage (A2) Level at Vocational School: A Case Study Poster  Turkey
137 Meruyert Seitova The EPOSTL (European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages) promotes professional development: ELT in-service teachers views Oral Kazakhstan
138 Meral Öztürk Multiple meanings in the EFL Lexicon Oral Turkey
139 Şeyma Kökcü, Deniz Ortaçtepe Turkish EFL learners’ interpretation of metaphors: A study on conceptual socialization Oral Turkey
140 Vennela Rayavarapu Sharing pages: Gendering school textbooks in India Oral India
142 İsmet Öztürk Rhetorical organisation of the sub-sections of research article introductions in Applied Linguistics Oral Turkey
143 Sad Achaari Qualifying Students Talk Through Efficient Classroom Management Techniques Workshop Morocco
144 Ümran Üstünbaş Metaphorically Speaking: Pragmatic Routines as the First Aid Kit for Language Learners Oral Turkey
147 Chris Edwards Grammar Strategies for Academic Reading Comprehension Workshop Iraq
148 Ufuk Keles, Behzad Mansouri A Comparative Analysis of Turkish and Iranian EFL Learners and Teachers' Perceptions and Preferences of Integrated or Isolated Form-Focused Grammar Instruction Oral Turkey
149 Ufuk Keles Language Policies of a Turkish State University Presented on Its Turkish- and English-medium Official Website: A Comparative Case Study on De Jure Policies versus De Facto Practices in a Virtual Linguistic Landscape Oral United States
150 Suhair Eyad Al Alami  Diagnostic Assessment in the EFL Classroom: Points to Ponder Virtual United Arab Emirates
151 Mehdi Solhi Andarab, Aynur Kesen Mutlu The Effect of Spatial Intelligence-based Metalinguistic Corrective Feedback on the Linguistic Errors of EFL Learners in Writing Oral Turkey
152 Gizem Akçor BRING THE ACTION! Involving Technical Preparatory Students in EFL Reading Classes: An Action Research Study Oral Turkey
153 Zeynep Özdem Ertürk The Effects of Receptive and Productive Learning Tasks on EFL Learners’ Knowledge of Collocation and Meaning Oral Turkey
154 Zeynep Özdem Ertürk, Maide Yılmaz A Contrastive Corpus-based Analysis of the Use of Reporting Verbs by Native and Non-native ELT Researchers Oral Turkey
155 Esim Gürsoy, Madina Hüseyinoğlu ELT Teacher Trainees Attitudes Toward the Pronunciation Skill and Their Awareness of Its Features Oral Turkey
156 Maide YILMAZ The Effect of Data-Driven Learning on EFL Students’ Acquisition of Lexico-Grammatical Patterns in EFL Writing Oral Turkey
157 Andrea Dimitroff, Ashley Dimitroff New Beginnings: Trials and Triumphs of Newly Hired Teachers Oral Turkey
160 Sevcan Bayraktar Çepni Exploring Teachers’ Self efficacy for Teaching, Motivation to Teach and Foreign Language Anxiety in Relation to Years of Experience Oral Turkey
161 Irina Rets Vocabulary retention and concordance-based instruction in L3 acquistion Oral Russian Federation
163 Gokhan Cepni A Corpus-Driven Analysis of Theses at Master and PhD Level : What They Suggest for Professional Development For Language Teachers in Turkey? Oral Turkey
164 Ayşegül Yurtsever Differential Effects of Motivational Tasks on Students’ Motivation Oral Turkey
165 Anita G Tjan Application of the Ecological Approach in Language to facilitate 21st century skills of university students in a Listening and Speaking Course Oral Turkey
166 Hatime Ciftci, Erhan Aslan CMC and L2 Writing: A Synthesis of Empirical Research Oral Turkey, United Kingdom
167 Emel Küçükali Teacher Identity and Transnational Experience: A Case of an EFL Teacher from Georgia Teaching in Turkey Oral Turkey
168 Recep Şahin Arslan An Investigation of the Professional Competencies of Student Teachers of English Oral Turkey
171 Nuray Caylak, Ismail Hakkı Erten

A study into the interplay between L1 and L2 reading bahaviour, L1 vocabulary and L2 vocabulary development

Oral Turkey
172 Rayenne Dekhinet EFL in-service teachers’ perceptions on group work Oral Bahrain
174 Oktay Eser, Fatih Saltan, Ekrem Solak, Gamze Erdem Exploring Learners’ Initial Perceptions of a Virtual Reality Learning Environment in Public Service Interpreting Oral Turkey
175 Aylin/Miray Tekiner Tolu/Oğuz Metacognitive Reading Strategies Oral Turkey
177 Soeren Wind Eskildsen Parallel Worlds? Breaking down barriers between the EFL classroom and the outside world Oral Denmark
178 Merve Baykan Growth Mindset & Success Oral Turkey
179 Donika Elezkurtaj Bërveniku The Art of Argumentation: A Sociolinguistic Approach to Developing Thesis Statements (The Case of Kosova High School Students) Oral Kosova
180 Fatma Tanrıverdi-Köksal, Eda Baki-Zengin Using a Study Buddy System to Promote Classroom Interaction Oral Turkey
181 Mesut Kuleli, Yusuf Şen 

Use of plural in spoken English in an EFL context

Oral Turkey
183 Muhammet Nuri Aydemir The Relationship Between Think Aloud Method in Organization of Ideas in the First Language and Improvement of Essay Writing in the Second Language in Terms of Organization Oral Turkey
184 Şevki Kömür, Şeyda Selen Çimen Exploring Pre-service English Teachers’ course expectations and their realization levels through portfolios Oral Turkey
185 Muhammet Nuri Aydemir Professional Development through Mentoring; Both Sides of the Coin Oral Turkey
187 Fawzi Al Ghazali Awareness of Critical Discourse Analysis Underpins Learners’ Sociolinguistic Competence and Language Use Oral United Arab Emirates
188 Zehra Savran, Aysel Şahin Kızıl The Integration of Corpus into EFL Instruction A study of Learner Attitudes Oral Turkey
189 Merve Kiymaz, Mesut Kuleli

The use of “can” in spoken english by EFL students

Oral Turkey
192 Mustafa Sarıoğlu, Mehmet Saraç Perceptions and Needs of Turkish In-service Teachers from Various Subject Areas about In-service Training Courses within the Context of FATIH Project Oral Turkey
195 Filiz Mergen, Gülmira Kuruoğlu A Comparison of Turkish-English Bilinguals’ Processing of Emotion Words In Their Two Languages Oral Turkey
197 Irina Rets Eliciting ELT students’ understanding of plagiarism in scientific writing Oral Russian Federation
198 Pınar KILIC What is your Teaching Philosophy? Workshop Turkey
199 Mehmet Abi Interaction Effects Between Self-Efficacy, Academic Self-Concept, Attributions and Perceived Success of High School Students Oral Turkey
200 Gunes Tunc, Deniz Ortactepe, Patrick Hart Investigating Academic Discouse Socialization of Undergraduate English Language and Literature Students through Literture Circles Oral Turkey
202 Gökçe Hilal Sincer Inquiring ‘what to teach’ and ‘how to teach’ in EVP classes A general overview on English teaching for Vocational Purposes in vocational contexts in Turkey Oral Turkey
204 Yelda Orhon, Demet Kulaç, Emine Güzel A Corpus Linguistic Study on the Use of However in British Academic Spoken and Written English Oral Turkey
205 Burcin Kagitci Yildiz The effects of speaker’s accent on listening comprehension tests Oral Turkey
206 Bilin Üçüncü Özoğul Vitalizing language detectives : Investigating the use of songs for language awareness from the learner training perspective Workshop Turkey
209 djamila djamy benchennane Multi Media and ICT in English Education Workshop Algeria
213 Erdal Ayan, S. Sadi Seferoğlu Using Etherpad for Online Collaborative Writing Activities and Learners with Different Language Learning Strategies Oral Turkey
214 Erdal Ayan, Elif Demirel Analyzing Research Tendencies of ELT Researchers and Trajectory of English Language Teaching in the last Five Years Oral Turkey
216 Ma Charinna Jumel Lacsamana Lee Gender Differences on Intrinsic Motivation Factors in L2 Learning of Grade 11 Students Oral Philippines
217 Nurdan Kavakli Utilizing European guidelines for establishing quality standards in language testing and assessment Virtual presentation Turkey
218 Nurdan Kavakli, Sezen Arslan The role of AID model of effective feedback in pre-service EFL teachers’ professional development Oral Turkey
219 Kaine Gülözer Engineering Students’ Needs in English for Specific Purposes Oral Turkey
220 Elif Bozyigit, Burcu Koc How competent are you? Pre-service Language Teachers’ Perceptions of their Teaching Competencies Oral Turkey
221 Agnes Ada Okpe, Martha Ada Onjewu Self-development Strategies for the Enhancement of EFL Teachers Oral Nigeria
222 Agnes Ada Okpe, Martha Ada Onjewu Difficulties of learning essay writing: the perspective of some adult EFL learners in Nigeria Oral Nigeria
226 Sevim Açıkgöz Giving effective feedback with the help of Web 2.0 tools Workshop Turkey
228 soner sözler The Influence of Digital Age on Higher Education: Digital Improvements Oral Turkey
229 Ayşe Dilek Keser, Gül Durmuşoğlu Köse The Use of Delphi Method in ELT Research: a Sample Implementation Oral Turkey
231 Randi Harlev Convergence and Divergence in Project-based Language Learning, and the Ebb and Flow in Between Oral Israel
234 IBTIHAL MAHDI AL TAMEEMI Difficulties Faced By Iraqi EFL Learners in Translating English Barnyard Verbs Oral Iraq
236 Mahmood Atiya Farhan Difficulties Faced By Iraqi EFL Learners in Translating English Barnyard verbs Oral Iraq
238 Hülya İpek Do Foreign Language Reading Lessons Shape Our Students' World Knowledge? Oral Turkey
239 Sezen Arslan An Investigation into Gender Representations in A Turkish EFL Textbook Oral Turkey
240 lusi Nurhayati Being Far from Home : Experience of the Young Duth Teachers Learning How to Teach English to Young Indonesian Learners Oral Indonesia
241 Harun Serpil An Analysis of Augmented Reality Applications in World Language Education Oral Turkey
242 Mehmet Barkaçı, Emrah Cinkara Breadth or Depth? Oral Turkey
243 Emrah Cinkara, Mehmet Bardakçı EFL teachers’ views and actual use of digital components of coursebook packages Oral Turkey
244 Tuba Demirkol Internal Modification Analysis in External Modification Patterns of Refusals and Requests Oral Turkey
245 Mehmet Şahin, Şeyda Eraslan, Gazihan Alankuş, Özge Altıntaş, Damla Kaleş, Yiğit Can Parıltı, Yasin Sinan Kayacan, Mert Künan Transcending limitations of interpreter education with the help of virtual worlds Oral Turkey
248 Pınar Karahan A corpus-based study on the expression of epistemic modality through the use of adverbs in argumentative writing Oral Turkey
249 Ilkim Merve Yıldız, Pınar Gedik, Deniz Ortaçtepe Native and Non-Native English Language Teachers’ Agreement and Disagreement Discourse Use on an Online Platform Oral Turkey
251 Burcu Karakaya, Merve Selçuk The Case of Code- Switching: The Interaction of English and Turkish in ELT Classrooms Oral Turkey
252 Marjorie Vai 8 Key Steps to Online Engagement Oral United States
253 Burcin Kagitci Yildiz Motivation and Vision among Turkish Tertiary Level EFL learners Oral Turkey
254 Serhat İnan, Hacer Hande Uysal Identifying the Functions of Native Language Used by Teachers in Young Learner EFL Classrooms Oral Turkey
257 Hamide Nur Ünal Using Drama Techniques To Help EFL Students Gain Confidence In Speaking And To Reduce Their Speaking Anxiety Oral Turkey
258 Nwara Ahmed Abdulhamid Language Teachers’ Perceptions of the Impact of Professional Development Programmes on their teaching Oral Canada
259 Maria Dolors Romeu Font When is a child ready to communicate? Oral Spain
260 Dilara Somuncu, Kadriye Aksoy Emotional strategies employed by student teachers in public speaking course Oral Turkey
261 Kadriye Aksoy, İsmail Hakki Erten "I am just shy and timid": Student teachers' explanations of their performances in their presentations Oral Turkey
262 Arzu Kanat-Mutluoglu, Funda Ölmez "Of course, from the teachers": Student teachers' preferences of feedbacks in public speaking course Oral Turkey
265 Mahdjouba Chaouche An Investigation of the Implementation of Differentiating Instruction in EFL Classes in an Algerian Context Oral Algeria
268 Hatice Kübra Koç The current positions of intercultural communication in secondary school course books in Turkey Oral Turkey
269 Zahida Mansoor Exploring strategies used by teachers in single teacher schools in rural Pakistan Oral Pakistan
270 Burtay Hatice İnce Perceptions of Pre-Service Teachers on Peer Feedback Oral Turkey
271 Kadriye Dilek Akpınar, Asuman Aşık, Arzu Şarlanoğlu Vural How to Present New Vocabulary? Corpus Based Contextual Guessing, Dictionary Use, and Online Instruction Oral Turkey
272 Kadriye Dilek Akpınar, Zekiye Müge Tavil How Do EFL Learnes Process Discourse Markers? Oral Turkey
273 Summaira Sarfraz, Zahida Mansoor Effectiveness of Outcome-Based Educational Approach in ESP Classroom in Pakistani Universities Oral Pakistan
274 Aya Tharwat El-Sakran Transferability of Academic Writing Skills across Disciplines Oral United Arab Emirates
275 Saroj GC Communication through Cultural Collision: An Overview on Intercultural (Mis)understanding Oral Nepal
276 Özge Günel, Seden Karadeniz, Gökçe Akgül An ESL Book Writing Journey & Ilustrator’s Hands Workshop


277 Zineb Djoub Students’ Perceptions of Feedback: Reflecting Classroom Realities and Concerns Oral


280 Arif Bakla, Hakan Demiröz Formative Assessment through Digital Tools in EFL Listening Comprehension: Stories from a Turkish Context Oral Turkey
281 Tuba Arabaci Atlamaz ESL Teachers Serving Students with Special Needs Oral United States
282 ZINE Amel The Situation of ESP in EFL Economics Classes Oral Algeria
284 Stephen Kuntz “Put It in Your Own Words”: Pitfalls and Perils of Paraphrasing for the L2 Student Workshop Canada
285 Rabia Mahmood Enhancing Essay Writing Skills through Task-Based Language Teaching Oral Turkey
286 Nassira BOUDERSA Transfer of Textual Meta-discourse Markers from Arabic into English and Its Influence On the Quality of the English Text: Focus on Connectives Oral Algeria
288 ALi Roohani Impact of Input and Collaborative Output Tasks on Grammatical Accuracy: A Case of EFL learners Oral Iran, Islamic Republic Of
290 Şule Yüksel, Ertuğrul Seçer, Nadir Çeliköz Investigating The Effect of Essay Writing Course, Given along with Comprehension-based İnstruction, on the Writing Skill Development of High School Students Oral Turkey
292 Şule Yüksel Ertuğrul Seçer, Nadir Çeliköz Investigating The Effect of Kindergarteners’ Perceptions of School on Their Attitudes towards School Oral Turkey
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